A human development paper

art 1

In this semester, we have learnt many knowledges about human development from birth to death. People show different characters in different period, and by studying these characters and we will know ourselves much better.

For the toddlerhood and early childhood, human in toddlerhood can coordinate the activities of the senses with motor activities and in early childhood is capable of symbolic representation, such as in language, but with limited ability to use mental operations (slides for chapter 4).

For the middle childhood and adolescence, human in middle childhood can use mental operations, but only in concrete, immediate experience; difficulty thinking hypothetically, and when people enter in the adolescence, people will able to think logically and abstractly and formulate hypotheses and test them systematically, and thinking is more complex, and can think about thinking (slides for chapter 4).

For the emerging adulthood and young adulthood, people will achieve their physical peak. When people enter the adulthood from emerging adulthood. Most people will get marriage when they are in young adulthood, and will pay more attention to their family

For the middle adulthood and late adulthood. People in the middle will have the lowest marriage satisfaction period, but when they enter the late adulthood, the satisfaction of their life will go higher and higher.

For the culture, I compare the Chinese culture and the American culture. All young people in both culture will enter college after their high school (generally 18 years old). Thus, they must deal with some problem by themselves. And the parents in both culture will give their children support.

For the different, most Chinese families only have one child, so the parents may pay more attention and give more help to their children, but in America, there are normally many children in each family, so the children need to maintenance the relationship between brothers and sisters.

Part 2:

I think the video that we watched about wealth distribution is most applicable to my life. Because, for my friends, they come from many different families, some are rich, some are average.

The lecture of the course makes me think differently about my life. It is the last question“what is a good life?”. In the past, I think maybe rich people have good life and poor people have bad life. But that may be true.

The most interesting topic about this courses is also the wealth distribution.

The think that will stick me is that I leant some knowledge about our whole life. In each phrase, there will be some normal phenomenon. For example, in the middle age, people will face middle age crisis. By studying this course, I will not lose my head when I face these problems.

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