Brief Practicum Experience Report

Grading Rubric: Brief Practicum Experience Report
Practicum 8871
Student Name: ________________________________________






image1.png Salient Practicum Experience Information

Main points of the practicum experience are listed and explained.

Main points are used, but not explained in detail.

The student lists all experiences, but does not explain.

Minimum detail regarding the practicum experience.

Opinion and

Evaluation of Practicum Experience.

Conveys at least 5 opinions in the practicum experience report as well as evaluating one’s experience.

Conveys at least 4 opinions in the paper and evaluates experience.

Student accurately locates at least 4 opinions regarding the practicum experience.

Reports the experience, but does not share any opinion regarding his/her experience.



One to two paragraphs to describe practicum experience.

Several sentences are used to accurately describe the practicum experience.

Student summarizes most of the practicum experience

Does not summarize the practicum experience.

No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Adheres to APA rules for manuscripts

Almost no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Minimal error in APA style.

A few grammatical spelling, or punctuation errors. A few errors with APA rules for writing.

Many grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Does not adhere to APA style.

Scoring Policies:

In order for one’s Brief Practicum Experience report to be deemed as successfully completed one must obtain a minimum score of 12. The maximum points allowed for this assignment is 16.


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