Criminal Research Paper On John Wayne Gacy 6 Pages

Apa Citation format

Crime(s)- Identify in detail the crimes including dates, circumstances and victims. Tell the story of the crime. Rely on witness testimony, news articles, documentaries, and book resources for information (2-3 pages)

offender(s)- Who the alleged offender is (john wayne gacy) and his life history

how was this person raised? what was his socio-economic background ? Does he have a history of mental illness ? include info on the offender’s criminal history, school or work history, his upbringing, mental health history, his childhood.

(3-4 pages)

Analysis- explain the motivations for the individuals crime. Consider social, psychological and biological causes. Give a diagnosis for the cause of the crime.

Did the offender have some sort of biological defect? Did the offender have some psychological defect? or was his behavior a product of his social environment? or a combination ?

Refrence page needed


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