Human Resource Management homework help

Think about the ideal career, not just a job, that you would like to have. Describe this career, qualifications needed, required work experience, the kind of manager to whom you would like to report, and the kind of organization in which you would like to work. Answer the following questions:
What are the required qualifications and work experience needed, if any?
What would be your levels of expectancy? Which outcomes would have high valence for you on this career?
What steps would your manager need to take to make sure you feel that you were being equitably treated? What would you do, if after a year on the job, you experienced inequity in pay?
What goals would you strive to achieve in order to be a most effective employee? What role would your manager play in determining your goals and assist you in achieving these goals?
What behaviors, skills, and abilities would your manager need to develop and reinforce so that the department and company can be successful?
Journals should be 400 (or more if needed). Write your answers in paragraph form. In other words, include an introduction (e.g.: describe the career), five (5) supporting paragraphs (one paragraph for each question), and a conclusion. In your conclusion, reflect on what would be the most important element of this ideal career and the support you would need from your manager in order to be successful.
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