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Formulate one new comment of your own. It must be a logical and thoughtful response that synthesizes the comments of at least 3 classmates into one comment. Be sure to synthesize; do not simply reply to each of the 3 classmates.
1. Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is an important health organization in the United States. PAHO was created in December 1902, consisting of the United States, Latin American and Caribbean countries. The PAHO was created as a response to the yellow fever outbreak that originated in Latin America and spread to the United States. As of today, the PAHO along with the World Health Organization (WHO), has provided surveillance and support health care services to help with COVID-19 (PAHO 2020). The organization has provided evidence-based documents and strategies to help manage COVID-19 in surrounding areas. PAHO continues to research COVID-19 and other diseases to ensure safety to the public. One of PAHO’s future agendas is to improve national policies and resources to address the shortage of healthcare workers and the distribution of resources to hospitals (PAHO 2020). Research shows that the health field needs approximately 800,000 healthcare works to achieve essential health needs (PAHO 2020). To reach this goal the organization has developed three points of action, which include improving leadership and governance for human health resources, expanding access to health and health coverage, and partnering with education specialist to respond to the needs of health systems (PAHO 2020).
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2.  Lately, we all look at the global outbreak of coronavirus and its effects worldwide. One of the crises that I would like to make aware of is the crisis of drug resistance antibiotics and its effects in other countries and the United States.  Bacterial infections have affected and killed patients due to wounds, urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, and even ventilators’ infections.  The Global Antibiotic Research Development Partnership (GARDP)  is a non- global profit organization that helps create medication therapy that will treat infections that are “drug-resistance” that could pose as life-threatening to the patients’ health.  The goal is to develop modern antibiotics that will treat life-threatening diseases and are non-resistant.  GARDP was formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is one of the few organizations that the WHO has helped formed to combat the need to develop medication for disease worldwide. (About GARDP 2020) deaths due to drug resistance are estimated at 700,000 a year, and that children and infants die with curable illness. (About GARDP 2020) notes that the rise in deaths due to ineffective drugs has made this a global crisis to the World Health Organization.
About GARDP – Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership. GARDP. (2020, May 18).
3. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a worldwide organization that promotes health, keeps the world safe, and especially serves the vulnerable. When dealing with health emergencies and disease outbreaks, the WHO identifies, mitigates, and manages risks, responds to health emergencies, and prevents emergencies by developing necessary tools for outbreaks (World Health Organization, n.d.).
Influenza diseases, the most common viruses, are ever-evolving worldwide. In fact, “in the United States, influenza results in approximately 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths in a typical endemic season,” according to Taubenberger & Morens (2011, para 2). The WHO consults with groups of advisers to evaluate influenza data a couple of times a year. This data is useful for creating vaccines to treat the influenza virus around the globe. The organization can analyze the virus’s characteristics and compare countries with others based on the spread of infection. As stated by the World Health Organization (2020), “representatives from WHO Collaborating Centres for influenza (CCs) of GISRS” and “representatives from WHO Essential Regulatory Laboratories (ERLs) of GISRS” participate in constructing influenza vaccine by 2021. The WHO prioritizes their values and vision of a world where people obtain the highest level of health in a collective effort to keep the world safe.
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