Paper Slides Prompts

Presentation should be 5-7 slides in length. Relate in your presentation at least three ideas connecting the prompt to a topic addressed in class to the movie GATTACA,

Example layout….

slide 1(thesis statement and introduction of three ideas to be addressed)

slide 2 begin to cover the academic topic in your prompt.

slide 3 academic/ begin to address how the topic is represented in the movie

slide 4 movie connections

slide 5 (conclusion)


Review the study of intelligence from chapter 9. Include traditional IQ, multiple intelligences, and dynamic testing.

It was assumed due to Vincent’s genetic make-up that he would be of limited to average intelligence. If you were to test Vincent’s IQ as a teenager or adult using all 3 methods listed above, how do you think he would “score” on each one? Which type(s) of testing may have given others an insight into Vincent’s true potential?


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