Write Essay In APA Format.

6 or more pages:

Page 1 – Cover page
Page 2 – abstract
Page 3 contains – summary (approximately 11 lines), review (one page or more with no pagebreaks), comment (one page or more with no page breaks) Last page – References

You will see an exclamation mark in the Gradebook to show that you’ve turned in your assignment – that will change to a grade after your instructor has graded your work. Click on the grade to see the rubrics and comments. It is important that you do this – these comments will help you learn how to become a better critical thinker and writer in your upcoming assignments.

Article Links:
Alibi Believeability – The Impact of Salacious Alibi Activities.pdf

Addressing Sexual and Relationship Violence in the LGBT Community Using a Bystander Framework.pdf

False Confessions – Causes, Consequences, and Implications for Reform.pdf

Predicting Officer Physical Assaults at Domestic Assault Calls.pdf

The emotional male victim – Effects of presentation mode on judged credibility.pdf

Violence and imitation.pdf


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